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Voice Dream Reader App demo

Go to http://www.toysaretools.com/2014/07/voice-dream-reader.html for more info.

Voice Dream Reader

"Voice Dream Reader" by Kay. (iOS 8.1) VoiceOver is an accessible text-to-speech app with a variety of natural sounding voice choices.

Text to Speech - Voice Dream Reader and Winston Chen Podcast at Go Dyslexia

This video podcast features Winston Chen, the author of our favorite text to speech app for readers with dyslexia - Voice Dream Reader. This is the first of Dr.

Voice Dream Reader for Android Tablets Bookshare

If a student needs access to Bookshare books, why use an expensive Ipad? Android devices offer utility at a great price point. This demo used this device found ...

IOS Accessible App Spotlight - Voice Dream Reader 4.0

A new version of Voice Dream Reader is now available, and has added a lot of cool features. Here's a tour of the updated version of the app.

Voice Dream Reader

Learn about the Voice Dream Reader App for iOS devices. If you like this video visit the blog at bdmtech.blogspot.com Help us caption & translate this video!

Voice Dream Reader, Android and, Project Gutenberg Books

Voice Dream Reader and how you might access and use Project Gutenberg Books.

VoiceDream Features

A short tutorial explaining some of the features in the VoiceDream Reader App. This is truly a "dream" app for struggling readers who have difficulty accessing ...

Voice Dream Reader for iOS Review on and iPhone 6 Plus

In this overview, we are showing you the Voice Dream application. This application is nice in that it allows you to download documents from various sources ...

App Camp: Read Web Pages with Voice Dream Reader

While it carries a hefty price tag at $9.99 on the App Store, Voice Dream Reader is the Swiss Army Knife of text-to-speech on an iOS device. From web pages, to ...

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